Monday, July 12, 2010

a little art, a little gelato

This weekend one of our favorite people visited. Even though Ashley's left us for college in California, we're happy a very important person in the extended family is back for the summer.

We had a dinner and  a little wine, which ended up more on the ceiling and less in our glasses.

After a quick stop at the dog park, we headed to Balsano's Gelato Cafe, which had a 20-minute line. The half wedding cake-half mint chocolate chip was well worth the wait.

We spent the rest of Friday night sitting on a bench guessing the relationships between people standing on the balcony of a bar. Turns out, Ashley's a pro at body language psychology.

Saturday morning Shea made the girls breakfast before heading to City Market for fruit and loose leaf tea. We stopped by KC Juice for our favorite smoothies (watermelon juice!) and then finally made it to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Who could resist picture taking with sculptures followed by a little skipping?

Less than two years to convince Ashley that Kansas City is a great place to be post-graduation. We need talented costume designers here, too!


  1. A watermelon juice smoothie sounds amazing!

  2. Love that huge shuttlecock!

    And half wedding cake, half mint chocolate chip gelato sounds amazing!

  3. Omg gelato~ yum!

    By the way you have an award on my blog! =)