Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unexpected running casualty

So I'm running this morning, almost done with my fast three-mile run for the day, and I see a lady with her little yippy dog. I usually cross the street to the other side when I see unusual-looking folk. However, this woman was nicely dressed, coming out of a very large house and on her way to work with curly white yippy dog.

Bad judgement on my part. The dog sees me, pulls himself away from his owner and proceeds to attack my ankles and not in Mac's "omg I love people!" kind of way. Instead, it was more like, "I will destroy your ankles, rip out your Achilles tendon, you stupid running girl running near my big house."

The owner was mortified though it took her a good three minutes to contain her dog. Instead of kicking the dog to outerspace, I calmly yelled "it's fine!" while doing a little two step dance trying to prevent further bites. As I ran away, I was first annoyed that my fast run would not have an accurate time because how does one account for such an event? Then my legs started stinging, and I began considering the effects of rabies.

Here are the worst two, which I think look less painful in pictures than in real life:


Seriously though? Other runners worry about shin splints, sore knees, black toenails. Me? I'm now scared of an eight-pound (terrifying) ball of fur. And some kind of infection. Scared of that, too.


  1. That is awful! So many owners think because their dog is small its OK, or cute even, when they "nip" at people, but a dog bite is a dog bite is a dog bite.

    BTW - I am a new follower and really enjoy your blog. I passed an award your way, feel free to check it out and participate :)

  2. I just popped over from Fojoy, and couldn't believe it when I saw your injured photos! I posted injury photos yesterday too! I'm all banged up (but from my own stupidity) so I'm feeling your pain.
    And I'm more scared of little nippy dogs than big dogs. Hope you have more peaceful jogs in the future :-)

  3. Eeek! I can not stand when owners can't control their animals!! But I am glad it wasn't anything to serious!

    I am also a new from Fojoy!

  4. Ouch! I hate having to worry about dogs while running. I just stumbled upon your blog...very cute! Here's mine: