Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend of food, dreams

I think I accomplished all of my weekend goals, which makes my Monday far less grumpier than normal. It also helped that our power was out for two hours, and I got to sit in my chair and read.

I recovered from Friday's long run only to do a 5.6-miler Sunday. I was only planning on three miles but the weather was about 20 degrees cooler than my normal runs, and the difference is amazing. Still dealing with a lot of stomach problems when I run so stocked up on chocolate milk at the grocery store.

Saturday morning we got all this at the City Market for $8.

{The bag is fresh basil just to be clear}

Though I forgot to snap a picture, we determined that Danny Edwards barbecue is good, but does not beat out Oklahoma Joe's. Our quest continues.

Saturday night we were too hot to do anything but rent Brooklyn's Finest which was entertaining but it's most redeeming quality is we rented it for $1. Rent only if it's your only viable option, which there's not a whole lot at Redbox we haven't seen. For dinner, we had root beer floats and popcorn. Yum.

Sunday we redeemed a Groupon  and had a post-run breakfast at Succotash. The highlight of my entire weekend was ingesting these crepes with brandy-soaked peaches and mascarpone cheese.

Seriously one of the best things I've tasted in years. I'm still dreaming about them. Unfortunately they were on special, not the regular menu, so I'm considering stalking the owner for the recipe. Though I have trouble finding feta cheese at my grocery store, let alone mascarpone.

We did finally see Inception. ($4 matinĂ©es, who knew such a thing existed. Win!) Unfortunately the coffee and waters caught up to me and I had to pee so bad I could barely concentrate on the complicated plot. The pregnant lady next to me was doing better than I was! I thought the movie was OK during it, but after much post-film hypothesizing, I realized how complex the story really was. Then I liked it more.

Highly recommended, but please remember to pee first because if you allow three minutes of bathroom time, you'll lose significant plot details.

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