Thursday, July 29, 2010

sometimes my legs don't work

I unintentionally took this week off from running.

Monday I planned as a rest day after running a combined 12 miles over the weekend. Tuesday I forced my tired self out of bed, started running and it quickly became clear that my body was rejecting the idea. Ah the trials of  being a female runner - certain weeks just don't work. I ran to the gym, did weights and ran back home. Wednesday I was tired from a baseball game that lasted til 11 p.m. (grr) and sore from doing weights. Also, I was a whiner.

Today, FINALLY, I ran for real. Kansas City streets welcomed me back with 90 percent humidity. Blast. I am still determined to get my long run in this weekend.

Other running news:

I signed up for the Susan Komen Race for a Cure on August 8, and paid $5 more for chip-timing mostly so I don't have to run with people who have strollers. Plus, I can put on my bib that I am running for my grandma who is a recent breast cancer survivor!

I have had a lot of GI problems after I run over five miles. I've read every article under the sun and have decided my biggest problems are 1.) My habit of eating ice cream the night before a run. 2.) My habit of not eating immediately after my long runs. So I've stopped consuming dairy past dinner time. And right after a run I have half a cup of this goodness.

I get the dark chocolate kind. And oh. my. goodness. It's heavenly. Plus, more calcium than cow milk, lots of antioxidants and the carbs and fat my muscles need to function again. Down side is the non-dairy also means almost no protein. (1g vs 8g in skim milk) It works after a run though, the experts even say so. The true test will be this weekend. You should go buy it. Now.

I bought this Nathan fuel belt. I didn't want to. But it's super hot, and it's not even the dreaded steamy month of August yet. I know of only two water fountains on my routes and neither is in a great place for my long runs. 

It's all 90s and up in the forecast for the next 10 days. Plus humidity. Whine, whine.

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  1. Good for you for signing up for Race for the Cure - that's so awesome!!