Tuesday, July 20, 2010

field of dreams

Back in May, Shea, the self-appointed biggest Twins fan in the world, was already upset that people had already been to the new stadium - Target Field - and he had not.

On Sunday afternoon he was redeemed. Big time.

 {He is containing his urge to jump up and down like a little boy at the circus}

We got to the game two hours early so that we could take in all the stadium features without rushing. The Metrodome has clearly been put to shame. For example, what could be more Minnesota than an entire concession stand dedicated to fried food on sticks?

And then we made it to our seats, which were a nice cushy leather. We even had our own personal lounge with concession stands and bathrooms.

{Shea's head pretty much exploded when realizing row five was the dugout box}

Here is our view. I can confirm that Joe Mauer's hips and thighs are as large as they appear on TV.

We got numerous texts from people who saw us on TV every time there was a left-handed batter, which is kind of a lot of pressure for me to be smiling when the Twins are down by three. And then, ninth inning, the Twins score four and win. Hopefully WGN caught us hands in the air, jumping up and down like super fans.

We had an AMAZING time.

Thanks to Gene at Gittleson's Jewelers for the tickets! Can we make this an annual tradition?


  1. OMG your hair is adorable. And I'm glad you had fun and the Twins won. But mostly your hair is adorable.

  2. I second that...your hair is adorable!!! (Apologies on the overuse of the exclamation points per your prior post but the hair deserves them). On a side note, I am incredibly jealous of your Twins experience. I am so glad you guys had fun and got to enjoy it as VIP's. Love you both.

  3. I love baseball games! Go Phillies :D

  4. Aww you too are cute :-)