Thursday, July 8, 2010

kitten anxiety

This kitten needs a home.

A friend of a friend found this itty bitty guy in a drain near her house. And then sent pictures that were very hard to resist. So for the last 24 hours we've been filled with kitten anxiety.

In general, I struggle to make decisions - haunted by the "but what ifs." We think we may have a route to get reduced costs with getting kitten fixed and vaccinated which was initially our biggest concern. But the next problem is this ball of grumpiness:

Pica loves me. And this love is fairly exclusive. In Pica's ideal world, she'd always be safely two inches from my face without anyone to compete with like a husband or a dog. But Pica did adjust to her new brother, Mac.

The two siblings chase each other in circles around the couch. Mac frequently grooms Pica's ears. When they first met, Pica spent most of her time underneath the bed. Now, they've been known to share a bed, couch and even a lap.

Then there is the problem of our 900 square foot apartment that doesn't even have a bedroom door. So with the two of us, three pets and maybe a baby someday, it seems rather naive to think we'd all have enough space to ourselves. And maybe we don't even want another cat and just are getting baby fever. 

But, then there is the possibility that kitten would make Pica motherly and keep her company when we leave her for the weekend. Or she might get territorial and rip its face off. 

Cats are pretty low maintenance but do I really want two cats trying to drink out of my water glass, sleep on top of my face, dirty the litter box and fur up the couch?

But it is SO ADORABLE.


  1. This is exactly how I ended up with my second cat. A friend of a friend had to get rid of her as a kitten and if someone didn't take her, she was off to the pound. My heart broke and when I saw her little curious face I couldn't say no. I was worried sick that my Siamese cat (who only loves me and is pretty much the spawn of nasty to anyone else) would kill her. And if he didn't my 80lb pit bull would. I was shaking when I let her out of the carrier. Mooshu (Siamese) surprisingly sniffed her and kept looking at me as if to ask if it was OK to like her. And my pitbull was a good source of play/torture time for the cat. And I mean she tortured him, hiding under the couch where he couldn't chase her during play time. With the occasional ninja paw to swipe him as he would wander by.

    And when I had to get her fixed I searched the net for local cat shelters. I found one and advised them how I had acquired her, and though I could afford to give her a good home, she came at a tight time of the month to pay for surgery. They told me to drop their name at a certain vet and I was only charged 60 bucks. So maybe look into feline rescues and see if they can help or get you a discount!

    Sorry for the long comment. And I wish you luck with your decision!

  2. cute cute cute kitten. I'd name him tux (short for tuxedo-looks like he has a tux jacket on)but I understand where you're coming from.

    Good luck with the's a toughie!