Monday, July 19, 2010

a minnesota reunion

Sometimes friends are developed over a long period of time. There are other friends that a more instant connection develops because your personalities complement each other, you share a faith, and your lives are on similar paths.

Three months before we found out we were moving to Kansas City, we met four amazing couples, two of which we got to spend time with this weekend - Aften, Brandon, Becca and Stefan.

Mac even got to spend time with his friend, Millie. He is still recovering from all the humping  playing.

We started off with an afternoon playing Kubb, sitting by the beach next to the St. Croix river eating grapes and cheese and catching up on each other's lives.

And as my complete lack of skill in throwing wooden sticks was revealed, the rain began. So we frantically gathered our coolers and raced to the car. We grilled at home and ate way too much only to head to Nelson's for ice cream. As we entered the tiny ice cream shop, the tornado sirens blared. We confirmed that the tornado touchdown was 30 minutes away so naturally we stood in line because what goes better with 80 mph winds than a little ice cream?

 {This is the kid's cone. I'm still digesting two days later.}

As we drove home, our ice cream eating and laughing slowly turned to a lot of "uh..." and pointing at the sky. Aften floored her truck, and we raced home and into the basement. Note: we have not had one tornado touchdown in Wizard of Oz country yet we go to Minnesota and this happens.

When Shea and I talked that night, we realized for the first time in six months we missed Minnesota. These people were not at our graduations. They weren't there when we got engaged or at our wedding. But they are closer to us than many of the friends that we've known for a decade. They understand our fears, our struggles and our hearts. And we miss them.

Hopefully our visits will be frequent and continue for years to come. Thanks for overdue laughs and much-needed fun!


  1. Great synopsis of the weekend Sarah! I love it, hehe!! Your two are already missed. I can't help but think of Mac every time the neighbors Jack Russel walks by or Millie goes and sniffs the screen door wondering what in the world happened here, hehe.

  2. OMG you have a pug? How did this get past me? I love pugs (but you probably already know that by viewing the pics on my blog); they have such wonderful personalities and I wouldn't trade my lil guy (Fredbird-named for the St. Louis Cardinals Mascot) for anything.

    Sounds like you had a great time in MN. It's always nice to be around others who understand you and that you're able to have tons of fun with.

  3. Not my pug, my friend Aften's. But our Jack Russell throughly enjoyed Millie the pug. I think he's still sleeping in recovery mode.