Tuesday, March 1, 2011

16 weeks...again

Dear baby boy,

Gosh what a week. First, we found out that you're not quite as big as we thought. This scared us at first, but we figured out that really you're just 12 days younger than first calculated. The bonus is we get to see you again in four weeks so we can measure all your parts. So, sorry I lied about you being the size of an onion. Today you're the size of an avocado, and about to embark on that doubling-in-size growth spurt we talked about.

Then, we found out you're a boy! It was my mission this weekend to find clothes for you that don't include the words "all star" on them. Success, but we just won't be shopping at Target much. Daddy can't stop talking about how you're going to love baseball. We even got you baseball uniform footie pajamas. He's ready to throw you a ball in the backyard and teach you everything he knows (get ready...) But if you're into chemistry instead, that's OK too.

You're way more real to us now. We know your name, and call you by that when we're at home. We love you so much already!

My tummy has popped a bit, and the belly band is no longer an optional accessory. Buttoning my pants is torturous so I just don't do it anymore! I bought maternity jeans this weekend and feel like I've discovered the best thing in the world. Too bad I can't wear them to work.

My belly is itchy, and fiber is still an extremely vital part of my diet. But other than that, this part is pretty awesome!

Love you,


  1. Correct, he will be the smallest person ever to play in professional baseball!

  2. hi! just found you on 20SB

    i am 23 weeks preggy :)


  3. This is going to be somewhat confessional, but

    a) I'm secretly addicted to pregnancy blogs
    b) you are the best pregnancy blogger I've found so far ("registering for the fetus?" you're amazing.)
    c) I'm glad (in a most assuredly creepy way) to see you still have at least half your pregnancy left, so I can read along with your funny posts in real time instead of binging on them in an up-'til-3AM blogathon.

    Hello new friend!

  4. April,
    Thanks! You made my day, possibly my entire week :)

    Thanks for following!