Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lenten update

I told you about our Lenten season goals. Now on week 2, we've done pretty well.

Give $5 away
Week 1: Shea gave his first $5 to a homeless man who was helping a woman with a flat tire at the gas station. He asked for a tire gauge so Shea helped him out, and when the man asked for a $1, Shea gave him $5.

Week 2: Shea donated $5 to boy's basketball team raising money for uniforms. As a reward he fills out a bracket. I'd argue if he wins any of the small pool money he has to give that away, too.

I combined Week 1 and Week 2 monies and donated them to the Red Cross for Japanese disaster relief. Want to donate, too? Click here.

Pray together every night
We missed a few nights at the beginning but now we're in a rhythm. On our prayer lists:

- The baby boy. That he is growing healthy and strong. That God is working in his little heart so that he'll come to to know his heavenly father is the one that will always loves him the most.

- Gratefulness for the wonderfully kind and loving people we've met in Kansas City. It's only been a year since we've moved here but we have some pretty awesome friends who are there when we need them.

- Preparation for being parents. That although we cannot keep our apartment clean or our plants alive that we can not only keep another human being alive but teach him morals, faith and baseball.

- Other people. A friend who needs rest. A little sis who needs direction. Other soon-to-be parents that need preparation.

-Thankfulness for spring weather. 78 degrees tomorrow, people. That's worth a thousand prayers.

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  1. What a cool Lent promise! I love both ideas very very much! :)