Tuesday, March 8, 2011

four months done, more food needed

Hello there little boy,

We're 17 weeks, for real this time. You are doubling in size, and I am STARVING. Not just sorta hungry. S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G. Probably similar to how you'll eat as a teenager. I have had a pretty normal appetite the last four months, but the last three days, my appetite has exploded. Like, I've never been this hungry in my entire life. I've read it's normal, and that it will ebb and flow as you go through growth spurts. Luckily, we're headed to the grocery store tonight because those taco baked potatoes and waffle with peanut butter did nothing for me last night.

My hips, thighs and pelvis area are getting ready for your arrival but that means I've had trouble falling asleep because it feels like my pelvis is getting the flu. You've probably heard me whining to daddy about this. Don't pick up any bad habits, otherwise I'll have to buy one of those ridiculous "No Whining Allowed" signs.

You've been kicking me every so often. Or maybe it's punching. Or rolling over. Or chest bumping. Regardless, I know you're there in a teeny tiny way. Especially when I drink a gulp of cold water. Everybody has been trying to guess your name and daddy always has to talk slowly so he doesn't let it slip.

What's that? You want some chocolate soy milk at the grocery store tonight? Not a problem, little man.

Love you so very much,


  1. I LOVE that I found your blog!

    I just hit 16 weeks today and my faith in God is the ONLY thing that has not made me completely crazy this time around. We lost a baby at 17 weeks in 2009 and here we are in week 16... God has given me such peace this time though, although admittedly, this week I am feeling a little more nervous that I have been.

    Anyway, best of luck with your pregnancy! I love reading your updates. And we're also having a boy! :)


  2. Ahh that would so be me when I was pregnant to want to snack all the time. Because I do now and I'm not pregnant lol