Tuesday, March 15, 2011

18 weeks

Baby boy,

You've been going through a growth spurt, and are now the size of a sweet potato or seven ounces. You are super active especially after I eat an apple or drink cold water or milk. Sometimes it's little flutters, other times more obvious kicks or punches. It's a nice reminder that you're there.

Your little ears are starting to be able to hear your soon-to-be world. You've been hearing our voices, Mac's barking, and probably a lot of NPR. We're going to start reading to you soon. Just remember, books are fun! Unless you have to read 11 of them in eight weeks for grad school. Then, and only then, can you declare them  un-fun.

I've been going through some changes this week. My hips, thighs and lower back are increasingly sore, and I've had to start sleeping on folded up blankets. I wish I would just sleep in a tub of warm cotton balls. Last night we had a little scare, but all seems to be back to normal this morning. I've been SO hungry though I am feeling skinny again as I have switched to all maternity pants. Sweet relief. We found $7 Gap maternity jeans this past weekend - WIN!

I am running out of breath more often again, especially when daddy tries to wrestle with me. I'm sorry your parents are so weird.

I promise this week will be less stressful, and I will remember to drink more water. Less than two weeks and you'll travel internationally for the first time!

Love you so much,

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