Monday, March 7, 2011

registering for the fetus

In the next installment of "Sarah is going to be a mom (to a boy, no less!) and has no idea what she is doing," we registered this weekend. And brought my mom.

Except we're kind of weird and different. And though Target is great, they have three aisles of disposable diapers and wipes. And we're not doing disposable anything. Side rant: do you know they have disposable changing pads? What's wrong with the cloth one and a plastic bag? Why is everything so disposable?!

Plus we're kind of snobby and don't like baby stuff that looks like baby stuff. There are no swings with nice little stripes, checks or dots. Or plain colors. It all has to be big orange squirrels, a goofy-grinning cow or of course, jungle, jungle, jungle! The normal looking ones are online one, which if I am registering at an actual store, I want the stuff to be in the actual store.

I found plenty at Target we need like a car seat, crib sheets and a Moby Wrap. And then a bunch of stuff I don't need but want like a Bumbo seat in K-State purple and the hooded duck towel.

On Amazon, we registered for the stuff I really actually DO need. Like a dual flush system for the toilet, a diaper sprayer, prefold newborn diapers, breast pump, wet bags and the Bob Revolution jogging stroller (my most coveted item). It's free shipping so it works.

And then we're registered at Happybottomus, a local (but online, too!) natural parenting store. We have FuzziBunz and bumGenius cloth diapers (more on this soon). Lots of 'em. It's super boring but it's my favorite registry.

We registered at three stores for the same amount (if not less) that people register for at one store. But we want to be as environmentally and cost friendly as possible. Plus we will have a small house, small nursery and don't want to end up taking a huge load to Salvation Army in six months. Because we do that a lot. We're hoping to get lucky at a local consignment sale, too, so instead of $60 for a swing we'll use a few months, we can buy a used one for less.

In a year from now, I promise to blog again if my aversion toward pacifiers, crib bumpers, disposable changing and nursing pads, pack n plays (at least brand new ones), bouncy seats, infant car seats and monstrous swings turns out to be misguided.

Because as previously mentioned, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just pretending.

Curious? Judgmental? Generous? Here are our registries:
Happybottomus (password: shea)


  1. I don't like baby stuff that looks like baby stuff either. But our friends and family obviously did, and free is what it is all about. I think the kids like all the plastic junk that I hate so much. The brighter/louder/more obnoxious the better.

    And we are in the cloth diaper camp as well, but disposable nursing pads are what you want. In my opinion.

    And finally, will I be seeing you at the kids closet sale? I am volunteering so I can shop at 2pm, I'm hardcore. I'll be the mom with the wagon.

  2. Yes to the kid's closet! I need advice on when to go. I saw a picture of a huge line of people in an old picture, and it scared me :)

  3. I know you don't want to go the disposable route - and plenty of my friends do bumgenius and love 'em! - but I wouldn't totally put off the disposable dipes the first few weeks of life. You'll be adjusting to life as a new mommy and one nice step of disposable dipes might be worth it. Just consider it - I know my friends who have done cloth swear by doing disposable the first 6-8 weeks of life to reduce leakage and huge messes.
    also - congrats on your BOB decision.!! Promise. The best gift we ever received. Looking forward to the day when we can get a Bob Dualite.

  4. Amy- I've heard this too. I'll have some on hand for sure. I don't sacrifice sanity for landfills all the time!

  5. I'm with Ames. We haven't put Ryle in cloth diapers yet, although we plan to when he gets older. He goes through SO many diapers each day right now it would be ridiculous to try to do cloth.

    Also - check this out:

    It's a good site recommended to me by a cloth-diapering GENIUS. :)