Thursday, March 3, 2011

and there's a bump

Before you comment about how this looks like I just had one too many donuts, know this:

1. I do not eat donuts.

2. I used to have fairly good abs and a flat stomach from running.

That said, I know I haven't gained that much. At my 10-week appointment, I had gained zero pounds. At 15 weeks, five pounds. I can technically still button my pants but then I drink half a glass of water or eat an apple, and it's a sad, uncomfortable story. In the last week or so, it's definitely gone from bloated to pregnant.

My body mass index was 21 before I got pregnant, which means this girl has to pack on 25-35 pounds. The pizza slice and Yogurtini I had after class tonight will probably help.

P.S. I feel like I should comment on the fact I wear a lot of crazy pants. And yes, I wear them in public.


  1. OMG everyone is pregnant on the blogosphere! Seriously I have been gone for way too long! Congrats! such great news!

  2. note to self. Get in shape a year before planning to have a baby.

    You look amazing and healthy! MY biggest fear is well.. the weight gain. Then again I'm not even married yet so it's pretty sad that I'm fearing the unknown and unattainable....


  3. you look great :-) Have fun trying to gain that 25-35lbs! My cousin stayed pretty small in the beginning of her pregnancy and people would say stuff her that she was eating blah, blah blah but at the end she just got huge, like where did this baby come from.