Saturday, March 26, 2011

peace out

Oh hello sweet vacation!

First stop, Atlanta for 24 hours to wait for our flight, rehydrate and sightsee. Because of my incessant need to tour every media outlet in the country, our first stop is CNN Headquarters. Then we're off to the Martin Luther King, Jr. historic site since my second favorite travel stop is really old stuff. I think Shea has resigned himself that our family vacations will always consist of newsroom tours or important people's graves. And this time he's smartly wearing his running shoes because he's become accustomed to my "OMG we have to see everything in case we don't come back!" style. As if this baby belly will slow me down! (Note to my mother: I packed Gatorade packets for my bottled water. I'm being responsible and hydrated.) Then it's dinner at the Varsity, the world's largest drive-in.

Then we're off to Belize for nine days! We have our hotels arranged and our shuttle from the airport to San Ignacio. After that, we're winging it. We have no idea how we're getting to Placencia for the second half of our trip but what fun would it be if we did? I know I want to see a howler monkey, not get bit by a scorpion, see the Tikal ruins in Guatemala, lay on a beach, not get sick from the water and enjoy every single second of the last time we vacation as a family of two. At least for a really long time.

And in case you forgot, while it's snowing here in KC, this is where we'll be:

See you in 10 days!


  1. Have a fun & safe trip!!

  2. Have fun!! We went to Placencia for our honeymoon! We took Tropic Air (I think that's the name...) down there from Belize City. It was 3 little stops in a tiny plane and all gravel runways. It was amazing!! Have fun and BE SURE to stop by Barefoot Bar while in Placencia. Great vibe, great music, on the beach. We also did a hike through the jungle in Monkey River... you'l see tons of howlers. If you stand under them though, they'll throw poop at you! Belize is amazing!