Friday, March 18, 2011

five things friday

1. The best thing about my weekend is going to be a haircut. I get a cut ever four months much to the dismay of anyone who is unlucky enough to have me as a customer. But the whole pregnancy thing has made my hair even thicker and exceptionally dry. It's stunning, really.

2. We played the game Wits and Wagers with some friends a couple of weeks ago. Highly recommended.

3. I'm waiting for these shoes to come in the mail. The hubs says he'll love me more not less if I wear them, which is good considering most of my shoes resemble a four-year-old's. This is why we work.

{via Real Mom Kitchen}
4. I'm going to try these parmesan knots this weekend. I haven't made bread in a long time, not that these really count.

5. Guess how many people read this blog on average daily? 150. Less if I write something really boring, a lot more if I post a picture of my belly. Weird right? Anyway, you should follow me if you aren't already. Because it makes me feel nice inside plus it's less creepy than being an underground reader who can't admit it. The button is up there, on the right side under "Follow Me." Do it!


  1. being pregoo makes it more fun reading and seeing other mommy bellies!

  2. Nice plug to become a follower. ;) And 150 is impressive, girl! I think I have 11...and three of them are my mom logging in from her home computer, work computer, and phone.