Tuesday, March 22, 2011

19 weeks

Good morning sweet boy,

We've been together 19 weeks now. You're six inches long - the size of a mango or a large softball. I don't think I could even pick out a mango at the grocery store. You have your five senses now, and all of your body parts are finally in the right proportions. Your kidneys are functioning, and you're getting hair on your little head. Now that all your parts are in place, you'll be getting longer and heavier.

Your mama is sick with a cold which is even less fun when I can't take my usual drugs. Instead we've been taking really long naps together. Daddy reminds us to get our sleep and keeps bringing water and good food. I can't wait for you to meet him - we're so lucky.

I love feeling you everyday. Mid morning you always say hello and let me know you're ready for a snack (you seem to prefer apples). Around dinner time, you say hi again and now sometimes even as we're heading to bed. Daddy can't feel you yet but the kicks are getting stronger and more defined so I know it'll be soon.

Tomorrow we'll get to see you again and with our luck, get another adjusted due date. We're praying that all the right pieces are in all the right places.

Keep growing little buddy. Love you,


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  1. I love these posts! They're so cute. It's amazing to see how a baby can fit in you stomach like that!