Saturday, March 5, 2011

oatmeal: more sugar than a Snickers bar?

Drive through Mickey D's and instead of your usual egg-sausage-lard muffin, you opt for a healthier option and choose the new oatmeal. Yay for you.
But sadly, what you're really eating is basically the same calories as a cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. And more sugar than a Snickers bar! (source) A typical McDonald's fruit and maple oatmeal includes 290 calories and 32 grams of sugar (source). That's with light cream and no brown sugar (which you know you'll get).

In comparison, this morning I had old fashioned oats. (Boil water, add in half cup of real oats, cook for like three minutes, eat.) I add 1/4 cup of skim milk and a sprinkling of brown sugar (about 1 teaspoon). Total calories = 220 and 4 grams of sugar. And the huge box of oats that lasts me a month costs less than $3. Plus, none of the ingredients in my version include "natural flavoring."

I would argue my version is faster than a drive thru, too. Eating healthy - it's just not that hard!


  1. wow... I don't eat McDonalds just because I don't believe in fake food and that is one place I have been stripped of the desire to indulge in. BUT hearing this about their oatmeal which in the future I may have been tempted to get for the sake of time and health has been a blessing. LoL.. McDonalds continual frankenstein concoctions scare me...
    Because they keep doing it...

  2. wow! Thanks for the note. I rarely eat McD's bfast, but if I do I always opt for the egg mcmuffin because I hear its the smartest choice.