Wednesday, March 9, 2011

giving it up

Usually I give up something consumable for Lent. Chocolate, desserts, caffeine, candy, junk food. Being pregnant this year, I've already given up caffeine, alcohol, sushi, cold deli meat, most junk food, my beloved migraine drugs and my weekly portion of shark meat. If I give up more food (or drugs), I'll surely die.

We're not Catholic (yay meat on Fridays!) but I still love the tradition of remembering the Lenten season. We thought about giving up eating out but we're going on a 10-day vacation where cooking isn't an option. And really, how much am I growing in my faith when I mindlessly give up brownies or chicken fingers?

So here's our plan:
1. Add to our schedule the act of praying together every night. We do it sometimes when things are bad. Or one of us is six inches from the ledge or our tenants are smoking/jumping on the oven/refusing to pay rent. But unless it's meal time, it can be awkward. We tell each other everything but somehow laying it all out before God with the other person listening makes me squirm.

2. Sacrifice a portion of our monthly eating out budget for something better than high-sodium meals. We'll each have $5 week to either give away to someone who needs it or buy something for someone else that they need. I'll give you a report every Friday on how we've done. Teaser: Shea already gave his $5 away this morning. Overachiever. I don't even have cash.

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  1. You make a good point in asking how this is helping you grow in your faith. I think most people give things up just to do it. My friend is giving up booze and sweets. I don't think for lent but b/c her BM dress was a bit snug for her.