Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a real boy!

Alternate post title: Um, do you see those guns on my son?

This morning was anatomy scan, take II. And oh my friends, it was the highlight of the last 19 weeks. We saw his feet with 10 identifiable toes. Two kidneys. One bladder and stomach. A long spine. Brain. Everything!

He was sleeping the whole time except for a few leg stretches and one yawn. He's breech right now with is head right above my belly button and feet at my cervix. He'll most likely flip before we need him to so nothing to worry about. My midwife did say this is the cause of my hip pain as my pelvis is working to accommodate a baby butt instead of a baby head. At 11 ounces and a heartbeat of 148, he's right on track!

His mother is healthy at 19 weeks and 1 day. I've gained nine pounds and have excellently low blood pressure.

There was something about today - seeing his face, picking out Shea's nose and my lips. He's really in there! A real, live boy that I can't stop staring at.


  1. I think those ultrasounds are amazing!!! So much as changed since our parents were pregnant with us. Congrats on actually seeing your little boy. What an amazing feeling that must be.

  2. So exciting! We're having a boy too and he's also sitting breech! Although, no hip pain or pelvic pain thus far. Just lots of indigestion.

  3. SO exciting! We love him so much already. :)

  4. Sarah,I'm all teary, oozy and gooshy inside seeing this photo again and reading your blog post. I feel so much LOVE for him already. I just can't believe the amazing details and cannot stop staring at it!